Hairjamm, carbon neutral and sustainable hair products


Hairjamm is a family owned company based in Brisbane that distributes its own haircare brands – Juuce, Pure and Fix. Hairjamm are passionate about the environment, having products that are vegan, organic and cruelty free.

HairJamm have implemented a robust carbon reduction strategy which has resulted in reducing their carbon footprint by over 69% during the last three years. They have also looked at reducing emissions in their supply chain and as a result, their plastic bottles are now made from 100% Australian land waste plastic. Hairjamm are also involved in other environmental initiates such a recently launched program to increase bee numbers in Australia.

“Through recommending achievable behavioural changes and facilitating the offsetting of our carbon output, Cool Planet has been essential to Hairjamm achieving carbon neutral status.”

Dylan Weber

Executive and export Assistant, Hairjamm


tonnes of carbon emissions reduced in the last three years.


trees planted through offsetting programs.


recommendations implemented from sustainably report.

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