Government Programs

Current Government Programs

Cool Planet assists local, state & federal government on various sustainability initiatives.

Current project

Early childhood education sustainability program

Cool Planet is conducting free waste assessments and sustainability education for NSW-based childcare centres and preschools. This program will help early educators reduce waste to landfill, save money on waste costs and receive specially designed waste education sessions for children.

The program is open to all childcare centres and preschools based in NSW and as part of the program will receive:

  • A waste assessment providing a snapshot of current waste practices and an action plan to improve recycling rates.
  • Three education sessions for children, focusing on recycling, composting and circular economy principles.
  • A variety of free resources including internal bins, signage, educational material and ongoing sustainability support.

Current project

Victorian Trim Your Bin pilot

Cool Planet is partnering with Frankston City Council, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and the City of Casey to deliver Trim Your Bin waste assessments for the first time in Victoria.

The program, which is based on the highly successful New South Wales (NSW) EPA Bin Trim program, will enable the local commercial sector to consider the economic and environmental benefits of a circular economy through a practical and tailored bin trim program.