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Australia’s leading small business sustainability consultants.

Who we are

Cool Planet is the authority on sustainability! We were pioneers in helping governments and businesses when we started 14 years ago. We have now looked after more than 3,000 businesses save money and make a genuine and tangible difference.

We are committed to helping raise awareness and driving real change to help solve the climate crisis. Experience should not be underestimated and nobody has more across both government and commercial sectors. We deliver high quality outcomes to your business that are obtainable and easy to implement. We are committed to helping raise awareness and drive action on solving the climate crisis.


Nobody has more experience conducting energy, water, waste and carbon assessments to businesses, residential and low-income households. We provide a straightforward, cost effective way to measure and reduce any entity’s environmental impact.

We also partner with local, state and federal governments to achieve their goals and deliver significant environmental outcomes throughout Australia with our excellent state-wide (regional and metropolitan) networks and skilled, effective teams.

Our core focus

  • From LED lighting to food dehydrators, Cool Planet can determine what technological upgrades are best suited for environmental and costs saving outcomes. We can develop business cases, determine the return on investment as well as sourcing a variety of government subsidies and rebates.

  • We have developed and delivered over 100 sustainability focused workshops throughout Australia to a variety of audiences. We can engage, educate, engender behavioural change and enthuse.

  • As one of the largest providers of commercial and energy assessments to residences and small businesses, we make it easy to save money and help the planet.

  • Cool Planet has a strong and broad technical knowledge in the fields of food waste reduction and composting technologies. We have worked on numerous government programs and have worked extensively with the hospitality and child care industries.

  • Installing solar is one of the easiest ways to reduce environmental impact. We only use high quality installations that will maximise return on investment, no matter what the size.

  • We can help your business be carbon neutral and develop carbon reduction strategies. You will be able to make a real, tangible difference by contributing to a choice of local and international carbon offset programs.

  • Cool Planet is one the largest providers of commercial waste assessments in Australia and can help your business understand and reduce waste no matter the size, industry or location.


How it all started…


Cool Planet launches

In our first year we developed the second online carbon calculator internationally and the first that enabled the user to pick specific offset projects. Furthermore, we certified the first Australian carbon neutral newspaper, yoga studio, printing business, rental car company, nightclub and clothing company.


Green Loans Program

(Federal Government)

Under this federal government program, Cool Planet delivered over 500 residential energy assessments and developed and delivered 14 workshops, training over 130 people to deliver the program.


Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program

(NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)

Under this four year program, Cool Planet conducted over 1400 commercial energy assessments and processed $1,000,000 in rebates to small businesses in NSW.


Outreach Program

(ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Dictoriate)

During this 4 year program, we conducted 450 energy assessments and thermal performance retrofits for low income earning households through Canberra.


Sustainability Advantage

(NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)

During this three year program we provided resource management and sustainability advice to a variety of medium sized businesses in Regional NSW.


Bin Trim Program

(NSW Environmental Protection Authority)

Over 4 rounds and seven years of this program, Cool Planet conducted over 1,600 waste assessments for small businesses through NSW, proudly becoming the largest provider of sustainability services in Regional NSW.


ACTSmart Home Energy Advice Service

(ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Dictoriate)

Providing phone and email services for sustainability queries from residents in Canberra. We delivered over 60 workshops, 80 information stalls and helped over 3,500 households.


Love Food Hate Waste

(NSW Environmental Protection Authority and Sustainablity Victoria)

Significantly reducing food waste through waste assessments and education over a three year period in the hospitality and childcare industries throughout Regional NSW and Victoria.


B-Corp and Climate Active

Cool Planet becomes B-Corp Certified and Registered Climate Active Consultants.


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