Tech Giants Take Huge Steps Towards A Sustainable Future

03rd October 2023

Apple’s CEO, Tim Green, recently announced that the trillion-dollar behemoth is aiming for its entire product-line to be carbon-neutral by 2030. This is huge. And a positive step forward for the tech giant. Consider for a moment their output: iPhones, laptops, iPads and watches, all of which require large amounts of materials and high production costs in terms of carbon output.

They’ve pledged that all products will be “zero climate impact” (at point of sale) by the end of the decade. This means all Apple devices will be made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

As well as ensuring the life-cycle of future hardware the company has launched a scalable tree planting scheme to ensure the company’s printed assets and packaging are part of their renewable vision.

Interestingly, Apple has also developed a futuristic-looking machine called ‘Dave’ to extract rare earth magnets from old devices.
Beyond production, Apple is also promising that the entire supply chain will be carbon neutral by 2030, with manufacturers, distributors, testing facilities and assembly sites upgrading to renewable energy sources.

This follows Microsoft’s goal to not only become carbon-negative within the same timeframe but to remove the same amount of carbon than the company has ever emitted!

Meanwhile, Amazon has set their carbon-neutral target for 2040 – An eco-friendly delivery system hindering their attempts at an earlier goal to go green.

These bold moves prove the time to act is now.
Contact the Cool Planet team and make a positive change for your business and Earth, today.

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