Paving The Way: Sydney’s Recycled Roads

29th January 2024

In Sydney, approximately 120,000 glass jars and over 200 tonnes of reclaimed asphalt were ingeniously utilised to rejuvenate a one-kilometre stretch along Clarence Street. Since July 2021, Sydney has used more than 1.5 million recycled glass jars and over 6000 tonnes of reclaimed asphalt within its road renewal initiative.

Clover Moore AO, Lord Mayor of Sydney, emphasised, ‘What was once discarded as waste is now recognised as a valuable resource. This shift from linear thinking holds immense significance in combatting climate change and fostering circular economy outcomes.’
Interestingly, 20% of the asphalt stems from roads at the end of their lifecycle. Importantly, this increased use of recycled materials hasn’t compromised the surface quality & durability of the road.

Annually resurfacing around 35,000 m2 of road, the City of Sydney underscores the enduring benefits of favouring sustainable materials. Beyond glass and reclaimed asphalt, innovative materials like crumbed rubber, printer toner, and soft plastics have been integrated into asphalt mixes for road resurfacing.

Additionally, the City of Sydney is among the 16 Sydney councils committed to ‘Paving the Way,’ a collaborative initiative led by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils. This concerted effort aims to employ 100 million glass containers yearly in local road renewal projects.

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