Sustainable Building Design

08th November 2023

Did you know that buildings account for over 50% of electricity use in Australia and almost a quarter of its emissions? For many in the building industry, the opportunities to contribute to the decarbonisation of Australia are enormous, and their subsequent designs and builds are reflective of a clear focus on sustainability.

In 2022 Four Pillars Gin teamed up with sustainable architecture and design firm Breathe to create an immersive gin experience, completely underpinned by a commitment to sustainability. The project significantly expanded visitor capacity, featuring a new production space, an outdoor gin garden, tuckshop, dedicated gin shop, a custom bar, and an events space, establishing Four Pillars as not just Australia’s largest gin-focused distillery but also Australia’s first carbon neutral gin distillery.

The success of the project is a clear demonstration of how a company has looked at all the factors in their business that are contributing to their carbon footprint and then utilised a design mindset to create solutions. A 100kW solar rooftop, recycled masonry and a stunning copper veil wrapping the new distillery that functions as a natural heat exchanger to reduce energy consumption are some of the results of that mindset. The clever people at Four Pillars have also worked out how to pipe gin directly into the main bar from production through copper pipes, saving 29 tonnes of glass per year.

Whilst not every business has the capital to embark on a journey such as Four Pillars Gin, they can have the same motivation. The motivation to be a more sustainable business can be the lightning rod that gets you started on your sustainability journey.

If you’re feeling motivated reach out to one of our consultants and let’s turn that motivation into action.

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