Energy Efficiency

Conducting residential and commercial energy assessments to reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions and increase comfort.

Commercial Energy Assessments and Retrofitting

A commercial energy assessment can be hugely beneficial to your business. A straightforward, cost effective and easy way to reduce overheads and help the planet!

An energy assessment quantifies where electricity is being used within the business, the costs associated with it and what the most effective ways to save money are.

Recommendations range from behavioural change options (such as turning lights off) to larger, equipment upgrades (such as upgrading a cool room). These recommendations are ranked by their return on investment so as a business owner you can make an informed decision on the best way make improvements within the building or changes to energy habits.

As part of the NSW OEH Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program, Cool Planet has conducted energy assessments for over 1,700 businesses in NSW, making Cool Planet the largest provider of regional commercial energy assessments in Australia. We can help business no matter their size, industry or location and can provide level 1, 2 and 3 level energy audits where required.

To complement our energy assessments, Cool Planet has a number of retrofitting partners that include installers of solar systems, air conditioning systems, commercial refrigeration, insulation and draught proofing, window coverings, lights, solar HWS and more. We have the ability to quickly and cost effectively install and service any energy efficient retrofitting technology. We can also install wireless monitors to help track and record energy efficiency improvements. This data monitoring can help provide tangible information on the implementation of energy efficiency recommendations.

Residential Energy Assessments

Cool Planet conducts residential energy assessment so that households save money, increase their comfort and help the environment. We have helped hundreds of households throughout Victoria, the ACT and NSW to lower their energy bills and keep their homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Residential energy assessments cover a variety of areas including:

Thermal performance

Where heat is lost and gained through the building.

Heating and cooling systems

How to identify the most efficient way to keep your home comfortable year round.

Appliances and hot water systems

How much they cost to run and what should be upgraded.

Orientation and location

Practical solutions for homes to be warm in winter and cool in summer.


Running costs and upgrade options.

Solar panels and battery systems

Ideal system sizes and installation costs and options.

Behavioural change

Easy ways to reduce energy use that don’t cost anything.

We provide a detailed energy report customised to each household showing the ways to reduce energy use from simple habit changes to larger scale retrofitting and upgrading.

All reports specify the returns on investment, priority recommendations and are tailored to your specific requirements.


Cool Planet has helped businesses access over one million dollars in government rebates and subsidies to upgrade to energy efficient technologies such as LEDs, six star appliances and solar systems.


The number of commercial and residential energy assessments Cool Planet has conducted over the last decade.


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Our priority is delivering positive outcomes to all our clients from small households to large companies. Saving you money and saving the environment. We listen and we deliver.

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