Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting is a holistic way to measure and reduce the environmental impact of a business.

What’s involved?

Sustainability Reporting defines an environmental baseline for your business from which environmental measuring and reductions can take place.

Cool Planet tailor each report to the specific needs of your business, your desired outcome and budget.

  • Determining the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy use and the cost- benefit of installing solar.

  • Reducing waste to landfill, increase recycling rates, lowering overheads for waste removal, improving staff and client morale.

  • Water usage may be a small component of many businesses but is still a valuable resource that needs to be calculated and reduced where possible.

  • Calculating the carbon footprint of a business and what offset projects best suit based on cost, location and secondary benefits.

  • What other organisations does the business interact with and what how sustainable are they. Understanding and influencing other businsses to reduce their environmental impact greatly expands the benefits of sustainabilty reporting.

  • What social benefits does the businesses deliver to its staff and the community and how this can be communicated and promoted.

Sustainability reporting is one of the best ways a business can calculate and reduce its environmental impact while demonstrating its environmental credentials.

Reporting is best conducted annually so that progress towards your substantial goals can be tracked. Cool Planet is your partner in that journey and is committed to helping you and the planet.

Education and Engagment

A key part of delivering long lasting sustainability improvements within a business or community is through engagement and education. This may be with decision makers, an office champion or the entire organisation. Cool Planet has extensive experience is developing and delivering measurable, high level outcomes through our Sustainability Reporting or as a standalone service with a strong focus on behavioural change.

Staff education can be through:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Team workshops
  • Customised training
  • Developing educational material.

We passionately believe that education is critical in delivering improved sustainability outcomes and should be central to the service we provide your business.

The education and communication of sustainability results and recommendations is delivered by us in a straightforward, easily understandable manner that focuses on a few key points and resists jargon. So, no matter what the barriers, Cool Planet can deliver effective and thoughtful education ensuring wide ranging benefits-cost reductions, direct environmental benefits and engagement with your clients and staff.


The amount of people, households and businesses we have helped to reduce their environmental impact.


Workshops and training sessions delivered to businesses, the public and government departments.

B-Corp certified

As a B-Corp certified businesses we understand what’s involved to put sustianblity at a centre of a businesses and can assist your business in being B-corp certified too. B-Corp cerification is one of the most recognised standards of sustainablity achievement for businesses worldwide.

Sustainability is our Passion

This isn’t just a job to us. We love what we do and want to see positive changes in everyone we work with.

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