Waste and Recycling

Cool Planet is one of the leading waste and recycling consultants in Australia, providing guidance and support on all things waste related to hundreds of businesses.

Waste Assessments

A Cool Planet waste assessment provides a step-by-step action plan and ongoing support to reduce your waste, save you money and protect our environment.

SMEs to large organisations benefit from Cool Planet’s waste assessment services with access to free bins and valuable resources such rebates from new waste and recycling equipment.

Whatever industry you are in, discover the benefits and contact Cool Planet today.

The benefits of a waste assessment include:

Reducing waste costs

Reducing environmental impact and GHG emissions

Staff engagement and education

Access to equipment rebates, free bins and signage

Marketing material to promote your sustainability journey

An action Plan showing our recommendations and detailing your waste profile


Cool Planet has conducted over 1400 small business waste assessments throughout NSW as part of the NSW Bin Trim program.


The number of tonnes of waste diverted annually from landfill through Cool Planet waste assessments

Composting and Food Waste Specialists

We have worked with over 200 hospitality businesses and look forward to working with yours to determine what the best solutions are for you, from rapid food dehydrators to worm farms and anerobic solutions.

The authorities in zero waste and the circular waste economy

We can help at every stage. From packaging design and communication, to what components can or can’t be recycled in different municipalities, bin placements and education. Cool Planet is your partner to reduce waste and its costs.

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